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I Rock Photos was started by Guillermo Prieto to document with photography the Indie, Punk and Alternative music scene. Based in California, Guillermo has contributed to national publications including Rolling Stone, Spin and Billboard Magazine. Re-Blog and spread the word.I Rock Photos is fan focused so if you have a recommendation on the next new great band or if you want your favorite band featured on I Rock Photos drop I Rock Photos a message in the "Ask Me Stuff!" box or e-mail gprieto1@verizon.net Ask me Stuff!

A great thing is happening in North Orange County. A punk rock scene is emerging in a fifty year old bowling alley. Guttermouth will be headlining a show on Saturday. You know Guttermouth and lead singer Mark Adkins for their OC punk sound that surfaced in the eighties. On occassion Guttermouth may offend those with sensitive ears but their talent will not disappoint. 

Gutterball Fest is happening this Saturday at the La Habra 300 Bowl. Also on the bill, The Theadora Kelly Project which is amazing along with Doggy Style, Radioactive Chicken Heads, Broken Patron Saints, and Dirty Hammer. 



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