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I Rock Photos was started by Guillermo Prieto to document with photography the Indie, Punk and Alternative music scene. Based in California, Guillermo has contributed to national publications including Rolling Stone, Spin and Billboard Magazine. Re-Blog and spread the word.I Rock Photos is fan focused so if you have a recommendation on the next new great band or if you want your favorite band featured on I Rock Photos drop I Rock Photos a message in the "Ask Me Stuff!" box or e-mail gprieto1@verizon.net Ask me Stuff!

The Dum Dum Girls are opening for Bloc Party next week. The Santa Ana show at the Observatory is sold out but the Hollywood Palladium show on December 7th still has tickets. Get there early and enjoy DDG. Cross your fingers and hope that DDG plays the Smiths cover “There is a light that never goes out” and be careful crossing the street and watch out for the double decker buses. 




© Guillermo Prieto 2012

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    CAN’T TELL THE COME TO PHX, AZ! \(=^-^=)/
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    They’re all sorts of perfect. Especially their bangs. How do you rock that hard and your bangs are that awesome still....
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